With over 20-year experience in the restaurant business in South Florida, Graspa Group brought to town a new concept that will allure the more sophisticated palates with simple, traditional, exquisite dishes.
Salumeria 104 is based on the Italian concept of a trattoria and small neighborhood shop where one can find Italian specialty cured meats and other delicacies, also known as a salumi shop. The restaurant combines Northern Italy’s rustic charm and Midtown Miami’s vibrancy while serving impeccably authentic Italian food.
The menu focuses on dishes that let the essence of each ingredient transpire including a variety of salumi, fresh homemade breads and pastas, and Italian products.
All Prosciuttos are not made equal, and Salumeria 104 is an opportunity to continue sharing the authentic and complex flavors of Italy with the increasingly-knowledgeable foodies community.

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